A tribute

© Giuseppe F. Ciranna 2011

Il castello dei destini incrociati.

Polish Cover for Calvino’s “Castle of the crossed destinies”


I designed this book cover for the curious “polish book cover contest” featured on 50 watts.The participants were asked to create an original cover for a book, trying to emulate the typical polish’s illusration style of the 50’s and 60’s. I chose Calvino’s “Il Castello dei destini incrociati” / “The castle of crossed destinies” / “Zamek krzyżujących się losów”
wich is a 1973’s minor work of one of the most famous italian novellist ever.It’s peculiar for the stories narrated were written by the author following a combinatory system based on random reading of the Tarots.
Each tarot represented a protagonist or an element, the combination of them created a story.
The characters are inexplicably unable to speak after traveling through a forest, so they recount their stories through the tarot cards.-You can find a stub on wikipedia about the book here

31 Years, 31 cheers.


“A spectre is haunting Europe”


Digital Print. Giuseppe F.Ciranna © 2011

Neverending March 8th


Art Direction © G.F. Ciranna 2011

Declining dictator

“Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man’s enslavement of man” M. Gaddafi, The Green Book (1975)

Digital Print  © 2011 Giuseppe F. Ciranna

Print & Go Logo


Client: Apli – Logo Design Giuseppe F. Ciranna © 2011

Faderson Nature Logo


Client: Faderson Hotels  / Logo Design: Giuseppe F.Ciranna © 2011

Envy – HP

envyVictim2 pavilionMtv

Client: HP

Art direction, Concept, © 2009 Giuseppe F. Ciranna

Tiger Hood


Back from the grave

Flyer design


Client: Zoo

Art Direction

Fly low cost !


Photography, Art direction © 2006 Giuseppe Ciranna

Veni, vidi, Vicious


Art direction © 2006 Giuseppe Ciranna

Do it at the Peep-Show

Cover artwork for Blatta & Inesha / Wiesel ‘s single “Do it at the Peep-Show”


Art direction © 2006 Giuseppe Ciranna

Trittico della Bassa

This was meant just to record a friend’s particular moment in his life.


Photography, Art Direction, Words © 2007  Giuseppe Ciranna

Cane Azzurro

Dvd Package Design for an independent short movie by Camila Jiménez Villa

cane azzurro

Photography © 2005 Valerio D’urso, Art Direction © 2005 Giuseppe Ciranna