Il castello dei destini incrociati.

Polish Cover for Calvino’s “Castle of the crossed destinies”


I designed this book cover for the curious “polish book cover contest” featured on 50 watts.The participants were asked to create an original cover for a book, trying to emulate the typical polish’s illusration style of the 50’s and 60’s. I chose Calvino’s “Il Castello dei destini incrociati” / “The castle of crossed destinies” / “Zamek krzyżujących się losów”
wich is a 1973’s minor work of one of the most famous italian novellist ever.It’s peculiar for the stories narrated were written by the author following a combinatory system based on random reading of the Tarots.
Each tarot represented a protagonist or an element, the combination of them created a story.
The characters are inexplicably unable to speak after traveling through a forest, so they recount their stories through the tarot cards.-You can find a stub on wikipedia about the book here

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